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How to prepare your hunting bag

In this post we will give you some tips to learn how to organise your hunting bag, baggage for a few days of adventure or a simple hunting journey with friends.

Next we will give you some useful recommendations in order to prepare a hunting bag, choose the proper clothes, required documentation and some other basic tips.


How to choose the proper clothing for a hunting game

Our priority will be wear a proper clothing according the land where we are going to hunt. When we are choosing clothes we should invest our money in products that makes a different in technology.

Although there are some retailers that provided good clothes, as Decathlon, our recommendation is follow the advice of professional people in the sector. Usually they test personally their clothes or they have a team who do that for them. Recently, we found a brand clothing that follow this procedure.

We have been testing the clothes of Fran & Naza from Pasión Morena in all our hunting fields and our feeling was very good with their products. Materials of their clothes are very resistant and you will feel extremely comfortable wearing them.

 Ropa cacería recomendada por Caza Alicante

What should we bring in our hunting vehicle?

Time to focus in our vehicle, this is important because if we manage well we will have some extra space to bring our need to enjoy a few hunting days.

In our case, we had designed a coffin that we always wear in the trunk of our car, this coffin that we chose is being used as a huge bag that will help our vehicle or ourselves in case of emergency.

There is a important thing to take in mind, usually we overnight at our home or in a hotel room so our needs are less than someone who wants to overnight in the mountain.

What we bring in our car are the following things:


First-aid Kit

We do not want that something happen, but is not under our control. That is the reason why we always have ready a first-aid kit with basic stuff.

American Slide Tape:

Unexpected things always can happen. As we all know, American slide tape can fix everything. In my personal case, it saved me to loss a piece of my car.

Tyre repair kit:

Unfortunately, last year we had to use it more times than we wanted. So this is something that we started to include again.

Rain Coat:

This is a essential cloth that I always wear in my vehicle and in my hunting bag. A good rain coat can save life in a extremal situation.

Extra clothes:

This is one of the most important things we always should bring with us due we can get wet, sweat a lot or unexpected weather changes. We always bring extra trousers, underwear, socks and a jacket.


It is important to have available an extra boots or shoes as we are not sure about what can happen during a hunting in the mountain although we there is a sunny day. If our footwear gets wet can be extremely harmful for our health.


Important to bring on the car always a rope that can be useful in case of unexpected situations.


Sunglasses not only protect us of the sun, they can be useful after a blizzard.


Is important protect your screen of the sun. We always think that sunscreen is only for beach days, but is you want to keep your skin healthy is important that you use every hunting journey in the mountain.


Cosas imprescindibles a llevar durante una caceríaNext are the 4 most important things that always should be in your hunting bag and in your vehicle as well:


We should always bring drinking water to our journeys. We need to drink enough to avoid a dehydration that could end in terrible consequences for our health. Never forget drink water, although if you are not thirsty.


These products contains lots of minerals and are very healthy, which would be helpful for our bodies due their high content of vitamins, proteins and healthy fats.

Energy Bar:

I was never in favour of this products in the past. Recently I discovered that they can be useful for our journeys besucase they can help us to feel better when we start starving.


They provide us sugars which is really good for our body when we are practicing extreme physical activities like the ones we are exposed during a hunting journey.


What should contain a hunting bag?

We are gonna tell how to prepare a light hunting bag but fully equipped to our hunting journey.


Required documentation for a hunting journey:

In Spain the required documentation that we must bring to our hunting is the following: hunting license, liability insurance, gun license, gun documentation, card of the hunting ground. We should always bring the last one, and is important to take in mind that it should be a written one. A verbal authorisation is not valid for national security forces.

If we bring our dog we must also bring with us the documentation and a health card of the animal that includes vaccinations, chip, breed…


Other elements to include in our hunting bag:

Mochila para ir de cacería

We should also bring binoculars, this is basic to succeed in our trophy research.

We highly encourage you to use a distance or range meter, in that we will be sure that we are shooting at the right distance avoiding unnecessary suffering to the animal.

A good raincoat is needed. When we are in the mountain weather can suddenly change.

We also bring knives, a lighter (be sure that is working) and a rope of approximately 2 meters.

We also bring 2 phones from different companies, as the coverage range is different from one company to another. We also noticed that when the temperature suddenly goes down the batteries are gone easily, for that reason, we also bring a walk talky with us in case of emergency.

In the end, we  should bring a weight according our physical shape because a heavy hunting bag could end in a failure in our hunting journey.


If you follow all this advices, we are definitely sure that  you will enjoy a successful hunting game.


We will be pleasured to answer any of your doubts.

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